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We provide high-quality, safe, and effective chiropractic treatment plans to Miami, Miami Beach, and Miami Lakes.  If you are in need of professional chiropractic care, please reach out to our team to schedule an appointment!

Our Services

Quick Tuneups

For the stiff, stuck, and generally uncomfortable joints, we offer quick chiropractic tuneups that quickly and easily relieve pressure so you can get back to your day!

Treatment Plans

If you are prone to joint pain, a longer term treatment plan at our chiropractic clinic may be the best solution to keeping you happy and healthy.

Recovery Guides

Our chiropractors are fully equipped to build a personalized roadmap aimed at getting you back on the road!

Chiropractic Massage

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We’re Here For You.

What are you been to a chiropractor before or not, we want to help ensure that you have your best first adjustment with us possible. That means that our chiropractic experts will be guiding you through the process of safely and effectively manipulating your joints back into alignment.

The chiropractic process often begins with consultations and x-rays. This helps to ensure you have not suffered from any major trauma, or are experiencing any form of breakage or joint issues you may or may not be aware of.

Our consultation process is very thorough and helps ensure that you’ll have the best experience with our expert chiropractors possible.

We also want to make sure you are comfortable when you move into the adjustment room. Which features a very comfortable and specially designed chiropractic table aimed at providing the most accurate and efficient adjustments possible.

Chiropractic care does not have to be a once in a while service. We emailed providing an affordable chiropractic service that helps Miami-based residence fight against everyday aches and pains.

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Chiropractic Care

We don’t believe in beating around the bush. If you are a Miami resident we are ready to help. Our Miami Chiropractor are here to provide affordable, long-lasting care that’ll get you back on your feet pain free.

We pride ourselves in treating all people with all sorts of ailments and situations. Our treatments I have allowed people to eliminate everything from aches and pains to the need for a major, life altering surgeries.




Meet Your Certified Chiropractor

Each one of our expert chirpractors are certified and local to the Miami Area!

Dr. You

Dr. You


As the lead chiropractor at Affordable Chiropractor Miami my responsibilities consist of helping our patients receive the highest level of chiropractic care possible. I pride myself in being able to help people free themselves from everyday aches and pains.

I wanted to become an affordable chiropractor here in Miami because I saw so many people who are new to be struggling with back pain and other sorts of pain as well who were just not able to afford an affective and long lasting service.

I knew I was the person to be able to provide them with that service not only in Miami but the surrounding Miami areas as well.


I’ve been a local to Miami for decades and always thought chiropractic care was too expensive for me to afford. Then I found Dr You at Affordable Chiropractor Miami and my life was changed forever.

Brett Vasquez


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